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Marchetti, Villa Bonomi Riserva I.G.T.
(vee-LAH bow-no-MEE ree-ZAYR-vah)


Tasting Notes: Maurizio Marchetti’s Rosso Conero Riserva is quickly becoming one of the singular best wines coming from the Marche. One of the greatest expressions of the Montepulciano varietal we have ever tasted, this sleek, muscular wine is aged 18 months in French oak, and like all of Marchetti’s wines, consists of only free run juice! With enticing notes of exotic spice, vanilla, dried cranberry, and dark chocolate, this is one not to be missed.

Location Marche, Italia.
(Outside Ancona)
21 hectares.
Soil Clay, limestone, and sand.
Estate Marchetti.
Vine Spurred Cordon. Capovolto.
3,500 vines/hectare.
1 bottle/plant yield.
Winemaker Maurizio Marchetti.
(mao-REET-see-oh mahr-KAY-tee)
Vinification Maceration for 20 days in stainless steel.
Varietals 100% Montepulciano. Barrel 1st and 2nd passage French oak.
Residual Sugar 3.0 grams per liter. Maturation 18 months in the barrel.
4 months in the bottle.
Acidity 6.0 grams per liter. Vintage Production 500 cases.
Alcohol 11.5% by volume. Foot Fairing Grilled Ribeye, lamb, and cave-aged cheeses.
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