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Monte Tondo, Valpolicella D.O.C.


Tasting Notes: Located directly between Lago di Garda and Venezia, Monte Tondo is making some of the most exciting, vibrant wines in all of Veneto. This Valpolicella is a great example; somewhere between a Ripasso and a basic Valpolicella Classico. The grapes are dried for about a month in a well ventilated “fruttai” before pressing, and ultimately aged for five months in oak. Not a frivolous wine, it packs loads of sour black cherry aromas, spices, violets, and roses.

Location Veneto, Italia.
30 hectares.
Soil Calcarious soil.
Estate Monte Tondo.
(MON-tay tone-DOH)
Vine Pergola Trentina.
4,200 vines/hectare.
1 bottle/plant yield.
Winemaker Gino & Marta Magnabosco.
(JEEN-oh mahynia-BOZ-co)
(mahr-TA mahynia-BOZ-co)
Vinification Cold maceration followed by soft pressing. Fermentation in temp controlled stainless steel.
Varietals 55% Corvina,
30% Rondinella,
15% Molinara.
Barrel 3 year-old French, American, and Slavonian oak.
Residual Sugar 5.5 grams per liter. Maturation 5 months in the barrel.
6 months in the bottle.
Acidity 5.15 grams per liter. Vintage Production 2,000 cases.
Alcohol 13.0% by volume. Foot Fairing Pork roast, ragu with rabbit, and balsamic over bleu cheese.
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