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Sprizzerí, Secco Rosé
Secco Rosé


Tasting Notes: Long known in and around Verona and Venice, Sprizzerí is “Italy’s Original Wine Spritzer”, founded in 1934 by winemaker/mixologist Edoardo de Martin, and now carried on by his grandson, Paolo de Martin. Using a secret family recipe, Edoardo de Martin began creating inspired wine spritzers that were revolutionary in his day. Nearly a century later, Sprizzerí Secco Rosé is the perfect grab-and-go wine option, made “frizzante”-style and available in a slim, colorful can. It is dry and elegant, light pink in hue, with blissful, small bubbles to lift the aromatics and enliven the palate. Perfect for the bar or shelf.

Location Veneto Soil Morraine (glacial deposit)
Estate Sprizzerí Vine Training: Guyot.
Age: 20 years.
Density: 4,500/ha.
Winemaker Paolo De Martin Vinification Charmat, frizzante-style fermentation
Varietals Prosecco-based wine spritzer Barrel None
Residual Sugar 16 grams per liter Maturation None
Acidity 5.1 grams per liter Vintage Production 50,000 cases
Alcohol 5.5% by volume Foot Fairing Grilled salmon, BBQ, and Antipasti
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