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Edi Simcic, Rebula Rubikon
(RAY-boo-lah roo-BEE-kohn)


Tasting Notes: From Slovenia, just meters over the Italian border, Edi Simcic has been hailed by critics as the finest winemaker in Eastern Europe, and one of the very best in ALL of Europe. His wines, worth every penny, are never inexpensive–until now. In our opinion, no grape is more important, or more profound in this appelation, than Rebula. Bright, fresh and mineral-laden, it also has a delightful sweet cream essence to it, derived from local autochthonous yeasts that ferment 11 months in French oak. With terrific acidity, the wood is almost imperceptible, allowing the fruit to shine through.

Location Goriška Brda, Slovenia.
(Town of Vipolže)
7.5 hectares.
Soil Ponca.
Estate Edi Simcic.
(AY-dee SEEM-chitch)
Vine Double-Cane Guyot. Single-Cane Cordon.
5,500-7,500 vines/hectare.
.5 bottle/plant yield.
Winemaker Edi & Aleks Simcic.
(AY-dee SEEM-chitch)
(AHL-eks SEEM-chitch)
Vinification Fermentation in French oak.
Varietals 100% Rebula. Barrel 1st passage French oak.
Residual Sugar 2.4 grams per liter. Maturation 11 months in the barrel.
8 months in the bottle.
Acidity 5.0 grams per liter. Vintage Production 180 cases.
Alcohol 12.5% by volume. Foot Fairing Grilled zucchini salad, roast chicken with fresh herbs, and almond-crusted halibut.
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