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Perazzeta, Olive Oil
(ahl-leev oil)


Tasting Notes: Alessandro Bocci takes his olive oil more seriously than anyone we have met. He hand picks all of the olives off the 700 trees on his property, when fruit is half green, half black. With a combination of three types of olives, he masterfully blends an intense, fruity olive oil with incredible viscosity. The oil is cold pressed to 81˚F, so as not to overheat the oil and burn off the flavors; he then filters the oil through a large-grained paper filter. The acidity is a remarkably low at .13% (a great oil standard is .5%-1.0%)!

Location Toscana, Italia.
(Montenero d’Orcia)
7 hectares.
Soil River stones. Chunks of quartz. Ancient, flaky shells.
Estate Perazzeta.
Vine 700 olive trees on the property.
Winemaker Alessandro Bocci.
(ah-lay-SAHN-dro BOW-chee)
Vinification Cold pressed to 81˚F. Filtered through a large-grained filter.
Varietals Frantoiano,
Barrel N/A.
Residual Sugar N/A. Maturation N/A.
Acidity 0.13% by volume. Vintage Production 500 cases.
Alcohol N/A. Foot Fairing Everything!
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