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Sprizzerí, Lime & Elderflower
Lime & Elderflower


Tasting Notes: Sprizzerí is Italy’s original wine spritzer, invented by Edoardo de Martin in 1934. Today, his winemaker grandson Paolo de Martin carries on the tradition, and their work has never been more delicious! There are three flavors, and Lime & Elderflower is an epicurean delight. Made with fresh Prosecco, it also contains a touch of mint, providing a bright, fresh, and zesty palate. Terrific over ice with a wedge of lime, or even mixed in a cocktail. Perfect for those who love playful white wines, high-quality ciders, and classic Italian cocktails.

Location Veneto Soil Morraine
Estate Sprizzerí Vine Training: Guyot
Age: 20 years
Density: 4,500/ha.
Winemaker Paolo De Martin Vinification Classic charmat fermentation. Herbal infused with lime, elderflower, and natural ingredients.
Varietals Prosecco-based wine spritzer Barrel None
Residual Sugar 13 grams per liter Maturation None
Acidity 4 grams per liter Vintage Production 38,000 cases
Alcohol 5.5% by volume Foot Fairing Caesar salad, oysters, and peanuts.
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