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Kalfu, Kuda Sauvignon Blanc
Kuda Sauvignon Blanc


Tasting Notes: “Kalfu” means “blue” in the indigenous Mapuche language, capturing the essence of the sunlit azure waters along the Chilean coast near Leyda. Vintner Alejandro Galaz specializes in wines exhibiting a cool climate personality, wines that are crystalline and pure in structure, without over-wrought fruits and overly present alcohol. Kuda Sauvignon Blanc has a bright, fresh mouthfeel that gives life to alluring stone fruits, white floral and citrus notes, and a pleasing minerality. The “little sister” wine to the exceptional Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon Blanc, this is a value from Leyda not to be missed.

Location Leyda Valley, Chile. Soil Granitic loamy clay
Estate Viña Ventisquero. Vine Training: Vertical Shoot Positioned
Density: 5,263 vines per hectare
Winemaker Alejandro Galaz. Vinification Cold maceration for 14 hours. Fermentation at 13 °C. Wine was aged over its lees for 3 months.
Varietals 100% Sauvignon Blanc Barrel None
Residual Sugar 1.2 grams per liter Maturation 3 months
Acidity 6.85 grams per liter Vintage Production 5,000 cases
Alcohol 12% by volume Foot Fairing Salad, seafood, ceviche, and fish.
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