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Edi Simcic, Kolos


Tasting Notes: If one ever desired to challenge Bordeaux in a blind tasting, winemaker Aleks Simcic’s Kolos would be THE competitor to knock any Bordeaux champion off its pedestal! Bold statement? Hardly, if you have Kolos as your secret weapon. Understanding the supreme pedigree of this wine is simple, as one taste vividly displays the entangled, sultry finese of pine oil, cherry liqueur, bilberry, and dehydrated blueberries, blended with steeped tea leaves, liquid smoke, cinnamon stick, fern leaf, and dirt road minerality. Kolos is truly Slovenian in its purest expression.

Location Goriška Brda, Slovenia.
(Town of Vipolže)
7.5 hectares.
Soil Ponca.
Estate Edi Simcic.
(AY-dee SEEM-chitch)
Vine Double-Cane Guyot. Single-Cane Cordon.
5,500-7,500 vines/hectare.
.5 bottle/plant yield.
Winemaker Edi & Aleks Simcic.
(AY-dee SEEM-chitch)
(AHL-eks SEEM-chitch)
Vinification 15 days with ambient temperature and frequent submersion of the skins and open air repassings.
Varietals 80% Merlot,
10% Cabernet Sauvignon,
10% Cabernet Franc.
Barrel 1st passage French oak barriques.
Residual Sugar 0.8 grams per liter. Maturation 42 months in the barrel.
12 months in the bottle.
Acidity 5.6 grams per liter. Vintage Production 120 cases.
Alcohol 14.0% by volume. Foot Fairing Prime Rib, Porcini mushroom risotto, and wild boar ragu.
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