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Giocato, Chardonnay


Tasting Notes: It is hard to imagine a site in the world more conducive to scintillating white wines than coastal Slovenia, just 40 meters over the border from Collio, Italy. And few winemakers can conjure more expressiveness, precision, and personality from their soil than Aleks Simcic, a true marvel. His Giocato collection of wines has been universally well received, and this freshly-styled Chardonnay is a perfect complement. With notes of Pacific Blossom apple, lychee, citrus, warm croissant and sea salt, it is delight in a glass. Simcic does it again!

Location Goriška Brda, Slovenia.
7.5 hectares.
Soil Marlstone and sandstone.
Estate Giocato.
Vine Vineyard type: terraced.
Harvesting: exclusively by hand.
Winemaker Aleks Simcic
(AHL-eks SEEM-chitch)
Vinification 100% stainless steel containers.
Varietals 100% Chardonnay. Barrel None.
Residual Sugar 3.3 grams per liter. Maturation 1 month.
Acidity 5.37 grams per liter. Vintage Production 4,000 cases.
Alcohol 12.5% by volume. Foot Fairing Salmon cakes, chicken, pasta in a creamy sauce, caesar salad, and grilled vegetables.
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