Estate: Sprizzerí
Location: Veneto
Winemaker: De Martin

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Sprizzerí, De Martin

Location Veneto
Estate Sprizzerí
Winemaker Paolo De Martin
Enologist .
Enviro-Commitment .
Estate Production 200,000 cases.
Partnership since 2017.

After traveling the world in 1934, Edoardo de Martin returned home to Contina dAmpezzo in Veneto inspired to create the perfect Italian aperitif.  Using a secret family recipe, he created a wonderful Aperol-style spritzer made with sparkling Prosecco, selected aromatic herbs, and natural ingredients from the Dolomite Alps.

Today, his winemaker grandson, Paolo de Martin, carries on the family tradition of Sprizzerí. Sprizzerí is now owned by Rotkappchen-Mumm, the largest sparkling wine company in the world.

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Our Family of Winemakers

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