Estate: Podere Ciona
Location: Tuscany, Italy
Winemaker: Lorenzo Gatteschi

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Europe Italy Tuscany

Podere Ciona, Lorenzo Gatteschi

Location Toscana, Italia.
4 hectares.
Estate Podere Ciona.
(poh-DAY-ray chee-OH-nah)
Winemaker Franco & Lorenzo Gatteschi.
(FRAHN-ko gah-TAES-key)
(lo-RAINT-zo gah-TAES-key)
Enologist Stefano Chioccioli.
(STAY-fah-no kee-OH-choh-lee)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Sulpher and copper.
Estate Production 1,800 cases.
Partnership Podere Ciona has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2001.

Without Lorenzo Gatteschi and his family at Podere Ciona, there may never have been a wine importer called Small Vineyards! When the founding partners took a tour of tiny wine producers of Toscana in 2000, they happened to befriend their guide, Lorenzo, who invited them to stay for a few days, with him, at his family estate. A few sips of his family’s Chianti Classico Riserva(made by him and his father Franco), a meal prepared by his mama (cooking instructor Franca Gatteschi), and the stunning vistas of Siena in the distance worked their magic. Enthralled by the philosophy behind small estates–and by the quality of the Gatteschi’s wine–the group brainstormed the concept behind our company and a few short months later, Small Vineyards was born. In addition to producing our first imported wine, Lorenzo also introduced us to many of the families whose wines you’re now able to enjoy for the first time in the United States. Podere Ciona also has one of the most beautiful “agriturismos” (guest villas) we’ve ever seen. When traveling to Toscana, see if you can get a room!

Please visit Podere Ciona's website for more information.

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