Estate: Perazzeta
Location: Tuscany, Italy
Winemaker: Alessandro Bocci

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Europe Italy Tuscany, Italy

Perazzeta, Alessandro Bocci

Location Toscana, Italia.
(Montenero d’Orcia)
7 hectares.
Estate Perazzeta.
Winemaker Alessandro Bocci.
(ah-lay-SAHN-dro BOW-chee)
Enologist Fabrizio Moltard.
(fah-BREET-syo MOHL-tahrd)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Non-certified organic.
Estate Production 6,000 cases.
Partnership Perazzeta has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2004.

Alessandro Bocci is truly passionate about making wine according to traditional methods, capturing a sense of place in each bottle, and sharing with the world his love for his land. His wines speak of the terroir and exude layers of flavor obtained from the deep root system he so lovingly tends. Spreading his arms wide to display the 200º view of the valley below, he grins, “I have to come work here every day.” And how beautiful it is. Driving up the dusty road to the estate, one is surrounded by olive trees, yellow Scotch Broom, and the occasional succulent. Across the silent valley, Montalcino seems at once close, and a world away. Once a one-man show, Alessandro is now joined by his daughter, Sara, in the fields, and is joined by fifteen friends and family members to help during harvest. The density and complexity of his wines he attributes both to the unusually rich soils of the Montecucco zone, and to the family’s incredible selection standards. “Every year,” says Bocci, “we throw away approximately twice as many grapes as we press.”  

Note: Alessandro’s savvy isn’t limited to wine–his incredible olive oil has won “Best in Show” out of 100 Maremma estates, for two years in a row!
Please visit Perazzeta's website for more information.

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