Estate: Palamà
Location: Puglia, Italy
Winemaker: Ninì Palamà

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Europe Italy Puglia

Palamà, Ninì Palamà

Location Puglia, Italia.
12 hectares.
Estate Palamà.
Winemaker Ninì Palamà.
(nee-NEE pah-lah-MAH)
Enologist Ninì Palamà.
(nee-NEE pah-lah-MAH)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Estate Production 21,000 cases.
Partnership Palamà has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2009.

The Palamà family vineyard was founded by Arcangelo Palamà in 1936. A family of Greek origins, they settled in Italia about two thousand years ago, and have been making wine ever since. The Palamà’s are also beloved and accomplished restaurateurs, icons in their hometown, and for 70 years had only sold their wine in their restaurant–until Small Vineyards came knocking on their door. Now the winemaker is Ninì Palamà, son of Arcangelo, and a gregarious, larger than life character who sings spontaneously (and without warning!), and is known to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Those fruits, we might add, are really terrific. His wines are full-bodied, intense and unctuous, but with admirable restrained alcohol and tannins. In many ways, his wines capture the power of the South of Italia, and the elegance of the North. In fact, for us, there are few, if any, winemakers in Puglia making better wine. Due to his estate’s proximity to the sea, the value of Southern coastal reds is that they pair as readily with seafood as they will with hearty meats.

Please visit Palamà's website for more information.

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