Estate: Navarro Correas
Location: Mendoza, Argentina.
Winemaker: Fernando Ravera, Celia Lopez, Fabian Gardino

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Navarro Correas, Fernando Ravera, Celia Lopez, Fabian Gardino

Location Mendoza, Argentina
Estate Navarro Correas
Winemaker Fernando Ravera,
Celia Lopez,
Fabian Gardino.
Enologist Fernando Ravera,
Celia Lopez,
Fabian Gardino.
Enviro-Commitment No pesticides or herbicides
Estate Production 100,000 cases
Partnership Since 2017

Located in the exclusive district of Agrelo at the foothill of the Andes, the winery has the ultimate technology in service of quality and 36 hectares dedicated to the production of our high tier wines. Technology, innovation, sustainability and care of the environment were the pillars that sustained design decisions and constructive processes.

The winery’s entire structure is designed with the purpose of generating as little environmental impact as possible to the surroundings. This is evident in several aspects, from the winery’s orientation, which allows greater sun exposure during the daytime without increasing the temperature inside, to the use of noble materials. Bodega Navarro Correas is one of the most efficient and environmentally sustainable wineries today.

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Our Family of Winemakers

Wine itself is wonderful, but the stories of the families and artisans who make it are equally important. Who does not want to know more about the composer, painter, singer, or writer? This is why you will find a photo of the winemaker and the story of the estate on every bottle-connecting those who make the wine with those who enjoy it.