Estate: Monte Tondo
Location: Veneto, Italy
Winemaker: Gino & Marta

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Europe Italy Veneto

Monte Tondo, Gino & Marta

Location Veneto, Italia.
30 hectares.
Estate Monte Tondo.
(MON-tay tone-DOH)
Winemaker Gino & Marta Magnabosco.
(JEEN-oh mahynia-BOZ-co)
(mahr-TA mahynia-BOZ-co)
Enologist Gino Magnabosco.
(JEEN-oh mahynia-BOZ-co)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Estate Production 10,000 cases.
Partnership Monte Tondo has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2010.

The Monte Tondo estate can be found nestled in the gentle hills of Soave, just a few kilometers from Verona, on a slope overlooking the valley. Three generations have handed down the precious art of wine-making, born from a love for their land and their roots, together with the knowledge that it is only through hard work, drive, and determination that the best results can be obtained. In the hills, vine-grower Gino Magnabosco, together with his family, carry on this very passion that traditions have handed down. They are attentive to any new improvement in grape producing technology in order to guarantee wine of the best quality to represent the area in which it is produced. 

Please visit Monte Tondo's website for more information.

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