Estate: Marchetti
Location: Marche, Italy
Winemaker: Maurizio Marchetti

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Europe Italy Marche

Marchetti, Maurizio Marchetti

Location Marche, Italia.
(Outside Ancona)
21 hectares.
Estate Marchetti.
Winemaker Maurizio Marchetti.
(mao-REET-see-oh mahr-KAY-tee)
Enologist Lorenzo Landi.
(lo-RAINT-zo LAHN-dee)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Estate Production 8,500 cases.
Partnership Marchetti has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2004.

Maurizio Marchetti is a charming character leading a charmed life. He lives near the Adriatic coast of Italia in a region that sees nearly 3,000 hours (200 days) of sun each year! Also, his wife is a cardiologist (so she brings home the pancetta, as we like to say), leaving Maurizio free to pursue his two art forms: painting and making wine (you may notice looking at his Verdicchio bottle that Botticelli is a large influence.) Since he needn’t rely on wine to earn an income, Maurizio can afford to be as picky with his grapes as he wants; in fact he is so selective that he sometimes produces as little as a half bottle of wine per plant! To that end, he uses a special pneumatic press for a single, extremely light press, called a “flower press.” Or, as Maurizio says with a nudge and a wink, “butterflies crush my grapes with their wings as they fly by.”  

Note: Maurizio’s great-great-grandfather was an exotic spice trader, sailing to the Far East over 250 years ago. He was quite successful, allowing the family to buy the land that is now the Marchetti estate. On their property, they have a castellino (‘little castle’) whose interior walls have murals of Chinese sailors loading ships with the spices that were so highly prized in his day.

Please visit Marchetti's website for more information. 

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