Estate: La Quercia
Location: Abruzzo, Italy
Winemaker: Antonio Lamona

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Europe Italy Abruzzo

La Quercia, Antonio Lamona

Location Abruzzo, Italia.
(Morro d’Oro)
12 hectares.
Estate La Quercia.
Winemaker Antonio Lamona.
(ahn-TOE-nee-oh lah-MO-nah)
Enologist Luca Moretti.
(loo-KA mor-et-EE)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Non-certified organic.
Estate Production 13,000 cases.
Partnership La Quercia has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2005.

Winemaker Antonio Lamona is a “true blue,” grizzled farmer-type, who is both utterly likeable and totally invested in his wines. Although his father also grew grapes, Antonio is the first in the family to bottle his own and, beginning in the late sixties, he began cultivating vines that are entirely organic. As Antonio says, “we are very proud to make organic wines–we believe this is the way to obtain the highest quality while also respecting nature and human health.” All grapes are hand-picked and pressed within two hours of harvest. Located on a windy hillside with a vista of the Adriatic Sea, Antonio’s farm is entirely self-sustaining: they produce their own salami, bread, vegetables, olive oil, and cheese. True, you won’t find a “discoteca” within a hundred miles of the place, but in terms of sheer, natural beauty and down-to-earth hospitality, there’s no better place to see.

Please visit La Quercia's website for more information.

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