Estate: Kalfu
Location: Leyda Valley, Chile.
Winemaker: Alejandro Galaz.

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Kalfu, Alejandro Galaz.

Location Leyda Valley, Chile.
Estate Viña Ventisquero.
Winemaker Alejandro Galaz.
Enologist .
Enviro-Commitment No pesticides or herbicides.
Estate Production .
Partnership since 2017.

Each of our bottles contain unique, characterful wines made with passion and a focus on excellence. Our team works round the clock to create varied, innovative wines to be shared with good company or during special moments.

We want every bottle you open to be an unforgettable experience.  Our teams hard work, creativity, professionalism and innovation, combined with a diverse range of terroirs in Chile’s best wine producing areas, enable us to create wines which are unique and distinct. We have watched each of our vineyards grow. We study and tend to them, so as to ensure that each bottle faithfully represents its noble origins.

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Our Family of Winemakers

Wine itself is wonderful, but the stories of the families and artisans who make it are equally important. Who does not want to know more about the composer, painter, singer, or writer? This is why you will find a photo of the winemaker and the story of the estate on every bottle-connecting those who make the wine with those who enjoy it.