Estate: Curto
Location: Piemonte, Italia
Winemaker: Nadia Curto.

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Europe Italy Piedmonte

Curto, Nadia Curto.

Location Piedmonte, Italia
(La Morra)
Estate Curto
Winemaker Nadia Curto.
(NAH-dee-ah KOOR-toh)
Enologist Nadia Curto.
(NAH-dee-ah KOOR-toh)
Enviro-Commitment Natural fertilizers, tools to cut grass, and pheromones traps.
Hand-harvested. No irrigation. No pesticides.
Estate Production 1,600 cases.
Partnership Nadia Curto has been a partner with us since 2013.

When Nadia Curto urged her father, Marco, to make and bottle wine with their family name on it, he resisted. Although he was very proud of his fruit, he knew very well that to make Barolo is perhaps the most difficult wine in the world to perfect. It is mercurial, and moody; the grapes are thin-skinned and tannic; and the wines take years to develop fully. Marco was getting older, and this change was an Everest to him. But Nadia persisted; she worked alongside him in the fields, long hard days in the hot sun, talking to him; persuading him; earning his respect. She wanted nothing more than to be a winemaker – a world-class winemaker, adding to their legacy as exceptional growers. Then, a little miracle: her uncle, the legendary Barolo producer Elio Altare, invited her to work for him; to learn the specialized skills of their craft. She leapt at the chance; and he taught her a library of knowledge. Under his guidance, she learned how to make wine organically; to use as natural of processes as possible, getting rid of traditional filtering by using little-known methods of thermo-shock. She came away a new woman; and ready to make wine with the Curto name on it. Her father embraced her, and their new vision warmly, enthusiastically -- he manages the fields, she manages the wine-making. And now, she says with a smile, “we have a fantastic equilibrio”.
Curto’s wines cut a razor’s edge between traditional and modern. Their roots are classic; but the wines are very approachable; they can be enjoyed sooner than many Baroli. Located in La Morra, a commune known for elegance in its wines, Curto is a beautiful example of this elegance – the wines have power, but finesse; they have great structure, but also a fluid symmetry between the parts. They have taken their place among the important producers of Barolo; and we are proud to introduce them to you.

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