Estate: Bocelli
Location: Toscana, Italia.
Winemaker: Alberto & Cinzia Bocelli

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European Union Italy Tuscany, Italy

Bocelli, Alberto & Cinzia Bocelli

Location Toscana, Italia.
(Town of Lajatico)
20 hectares. 250 meters.
Estate Bocelli.
Winemaker Alberto,Cinzia, and Andrea Bocelli.
Enologist Paolo Caciorgna.
(PAO-loh ka-CHOR-nya)
Enviro-Commitment Hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Estate Production 1,500 cases.
Partnership Bocelli has been part of the Small Vineyards family since 2004.

For more than 150 years, the Bocelli family has made Sangiovese on their small farm in Lajatico, Toscana. As part of a long line of Bocelli’s, Andrea Bocelli–one of the world’s most famous opera singers–along with his brother Alberto, mamma Edi, and sister-in-law Cinzia, remain committed to making terrific wine and keeping productions small. Blind since he was a young boy, Andrea has inspired much of the world with his music, and arguably done more to popularize opera than any other single individual in the last century. He has a gift for taking the old and making it new again, and regularly appears with artists like Sting, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder, Sarah Brightman, and others–but he has never strayed from his roots. Crucial to the credibility of the estate, these wines really stand on their own merits, with very serious structure, body, and focused fruits that will delight even the most critical Tuscan wine aficionados. Brother Alberto, who is also an architect, has designed a stunning cellar, and remodeled the family home to include a remarkable blend of antique charm with modern touches. Their wine, it could be said, is similar to the music of Andrea and the architecture of Alberto–classic and timeless, created in a modest, modern style.

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