About Small Vineyards

At Small Vineyards, we search every corner of the Mediterranean for the best small production wines being made today. Why? Because we believe—after tasting thousands of wines—that the very best consistently come from small estates. If you think about it, it’s a lot easier to make a great meal for 5 people than for 500, and winemaking is no different. That is why we tell our clients up front—with our Small Vineyards gold seal on the bottle—that you’re holding a small batch wine from a family-owned estate, that you will be proud to serve. In working with small, family-owned estates we are not just ensuring that the wine is fantastic, but we are working to protect a way of life that has been preserved through generations.

Why Small?

1. Every grape is actually picked by hand, only the ripest grapes get made into wine. 
2. Our estates use sustainable growing methods to make earth-friendly wines, 
year-in and year-out. 
3. By importing wines from family vineyards, we are helping to protect unique 
grape varietals, winemaking styles and preserve a special way of life.

About Our Gold Seal

The Small Vineyards Gold Discovery Seal is on the front of every bottle we import. This helps to identify quality wines on the shelf when you shop–when you see the Gold Discovery Seal, you know that you are getting a terrific small production wine that is from one of the best hand-harvested, family-owned, earth-friendly estates in the Mediterranean.

How “small” is Small? Our 10% Rule

Virtually all wines that we import share some similar characteristics. First, about 99% of the grapes are picked by a human hand, so only the ripest grapes get made into wine (large estates have to use machines). Second, our estates use sustainable growing methods that allow them to make earth-friendly wines, year-in and year-out. Third, because these estates are owned by families, they make wines that they themselves drink everyday, and take great pride in. After all, it’s their name on the bottle.  Finally, as a rule, our estates are among the smallest 10% of their region. We find that this allows a greater attention to detail, and steers us away from anything too “corporate,” which can take the personal connection out of the wine. So when we say “Small” we mean it.

Our Philosophy: Tappo-a-Tappo

Tappo-a-Tappo means “cork-to-cork” in Italian, and the concept is simple: from the time the winemaker puts the cork into the bottle, until the time the consumer pulls it out, Small Vineyards has “connected the dots” in between. We connect the people who make the wine with those who enjoy it, by telling the story of each artisan, their family, and their estate.  We do this because we believe the story of the wine is just as important as the wine itself–it’s a reflection of the place it comes from and the folks who make it.

Classic Wines & Micro Collection

At Small Vineyards, we not only have some truly great value-oriented wines, but we founded our company with a core commitment to import the very best wines we could find, at any price. The best of the best are found in our Classic Wines Collection, which is a portfolio of exceptionally made, traditionally-oriented wines that represent the pinnacle of what our winemakers can do.

Within the Classics Wine Collection, we have our Micro Collection, which are from productions that represent the “smallest of Small”. Each has only a couple hundred cases made (or less). These are extraordinary, sought-after “cult” wines that are often highly rated or glowingly reviewed; but more importantly, they are widely considered some of the greatest wines in Europe. It is a privilege to have just a few bottles, which is why our import allotment is allocated each year. For us and these winemakers, who wake up everyday in pursuit of perfection, compromise is simply not an option, and it shows.